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Health Insurance

Our health is the most important concern of most people.

“People are paying all this money, but they still do not get any healthcare because they can’t find a doctor who takes their insurance or their deductible is so high they never reach the point that their insurance pays for any of their medical care.”

Looking for Truly Affordable Health Insurance?
Cueva Insurance can help!

Sam Cueva has a desire to help the uninsured and underinsured. Therefore, he has explored options outside of the Health Insurance Marketplace to find TRULY affordable health insurance options.

Health insurance customers can pick the coverage they need. Consequently, this leads to lower premiums. Many plans have low deductibles and some even have no deductible. Also, there are no network restrictions. Clients can visit any doctor.

You can choose a catastrophic insurance plan, which coves you suffer a major health crisis such as a serious illness or accidents.

People sleep better at night, knowing they have affordable health insurance they need in the event of an emergency.

Helping Individuals and Families Get the Coverage They Need

There are few issues as important to families as health insurance. Therefore, Sam Cueva helps Central Texas families find affordable health insurance.

“I promised myself and my customers that I would keep trying to find a way for them to get affordable health insurance. I will keep that promise.”

Independent To Serve You Better

Cueva Insurance is not limited to only one carrier. As an Independent Broker, we’re able to choose from a wide variety of carriers and plans in order to offer our clients plans that fit them well.