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People buy insurance because sometimes bad things happen.

Developing relationships with customers, knowing who they are and what they need, gets back to the role Cueva Insurance plays in people’s lives. Because the initial sales component is only the beginning of the relationship. It is possible that the next time we speak with any given client is when they are filing a claim against the insurance they purchased. This is always stressful for the client and Cueva Insurance has found the relationship we developed in our initial contacts is invaluable to serving the client.

It may be a car accident with an injury. Or a flood that damages their home. Or wind damage to their home that will require extensive repairs. These are the things that separate sales-driven insurance agencies versus an insurance agent who understands how people live their lives, that they buy insurance to smooth over the bumps in the road. People buy insurance to preserve the blessings in their lives, because sometimes bad things happen, and without adequate insurance, those bad things can disrupt your life in innumerable ways. But the right insurance can get you back on your feet quickly.

Insurance Policy

“I always try to be open-minded when I am getting information and determining the most appropriate coverage. Because I want to make sure that they’re getting comfortable and confident that they are making the right decision with the insurance they buy.”

That’s because Cueva Insurance has seen both ends of the insurance process: the handshake when the client selects a policy, and the stress and worry when the client needs to file a claim to recover something important in their lives. Understanding the entire process is what a good insurance agent is all about.

Independent To Serve You Better

Cueva Insurance is not limited to only one carrier. As an Independent Broker, we’re able to choose from a wide variety of carriers and plans in order to offer our clients plans that fit them well.