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Health Alternatives

Our health is the most important concern of most people.

 As important as our health is, so is health insurance. However, not everyone has insurance. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 27.5 million people are without any type of health insurance. The data from the U.S. Census Bureau also indicates that of those who have insurance, 55 percent had employer sponsored health insurance and 11 percent are enrolled individual market coverage. Of those who are enrolled in individual market coverage are covered through a state or federal ACA marketplace.
Insurance has become a very stressful issue for many families. Even with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a.k.a “Obamacare”, it is difficult to find insurance that doesn’t come with sky-high deductibles and co-pays. Insurance with a $7,000 or even $10,000 deductible is the same as no insurance at all. And many families find the doctors they have gone to for years are not in a network they can afford when they purchased insurance through the ACA, and other doctors will not take their insurance.

“People are paying all this money but they still do not get any healthcare because they can’t find a doctor who takes their insurance or their deductible is so high they never reach the point that their health insurance pays for any of their medical care.”

Insurance Savings

It is much worse if you try to pay out-of-pocket. The rates doctors and hospitals charge for the non-insured are outrageously high. It seems that if you do not or cannot get insurance through your employer, you have to go without healthcare. Any dollar you have to spare has to go to your children, rather than health insurance. And every year it keeps getting worse.

Cueva Insurance sees this as a very important challenge for the insurance industry as a whole and for our insurance agency specifically. Sam says, “I specialize in customizing health insurance plans for individuals, families, and businesses.”

Looking for truly Affordable Health Insurance?
Cueva Insurance can help!

Sam Cueva’s desire to help uninsured and underinsured led him to look carefully at the ACA’s coverages. It was obvious to him that a large portion of the population would remain without the coverage they need for themselves, their families, and for small businesses and their employees. He decided to explore options outside of the ACA to find affordable health insurance alternatives.

Our health insurance customers can pick the insurance that fits their needs. They pick the coverage they want. Some plans have no deductible or a manageable deductible that doesn’t prevent you from getting health care for you or your family. There are no network restrictions, so clients can pick any doctor. You can choose a catastrophic insurance plan which will protect you if you suffer a major health crisis, whether it be a serious illness or an accident, or you can choose a policy that covers only day-to-day medical needs such as routine doctor visits, preventive care, or lab work.

Many of Cueva’s insureds find this means they sleep better at night, knowing they have the health insurance they need in the event of an emergency.

Happy clients and customers.

Cueva Insurance’s health plans are underwritten so you pay the price you have earned by managing your health and staying healthy. Your insurance premiums are kept low because you are not subsidizing someone else’s coverage.

Helping Individuals and Families Get the Coverage They Need

These days, there are few issues as important to families and small employers as health insurance. The current environment is unsustainable, but no one seems to be willing to offer a solution. Sam Cueva is doing everything he can to help Central Texas families find a path to coverage that makes sense for their families and for their wallets.

“I went into insurance to help people. There is no greater need right now than to figure out the health insurance puzzle. I promised myself and my customers that I would keep trying to find a way for them to get affordable healthcare, and I will keep that promise.”

Independent To Serve You Better

Cueva Insurance is not limited to only a select carrier. As an Independent Insurance Broker, we’re able to choose from a wide variety of carriers and plans in order to offer our clients plans that fit them well.