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About Cueva Insurance

Since 2007, Cueva Insurance of Austin has sold home, auto and health insurance to Austin families and businesses.

Everybody needs insurance. For Sam Cueva, being an effective insurance agent is about helping people. “It is really about helping people as much as you can.” Cueva Insurance is willing to help anyone who needs it, even a competitor. Some might say this hurts our business, but we do not look at it that way. “If I can help someone with their insurance, even if I help another insurance agent when they ask my advice, then I am accomplishing my goal of helping people with their insurance. That is basically it. Helping others whenever you can!”

From the Hands of His Father

Sam Cueva got into insurance because of his father. He was born in Minnesota to migrant workers who often traveled between Minnesota and Texas. His father made the trip up north so many times, just doing whatever he had to do to support his family. Eventually, Sam’s father found a job working at the Exxon gas plant in Kingsville, Texas when his son was eight months old. 

The elder Cueva would retire in 1995 and go into insurance sales.  At this time, Sam was finishing his associate degree and about to head off to work in Austin. His father told him about his plan to open his own insurance office and asked him to finish his four-year degree in Kingsville and help him open his office. Because helping others was important, Sam jumped at the chance to help his father as it was such small thing to do to try repaying his father for all that he had done for Sam and all of his family. 

There were times Sam would get discouraged. “But then I would look at what [his father] did, how much he sacrificed.” His father went back to school while holding down a full-time job and raising a family, graduating with a 4.0 average.

Insured families

“I could never have a good excuse for not doing all that I could do. That’s what made his business successful. Everybody knew him. Everybody liked him, everybody looked up to him. ‘Hey, I trust this guy and I am going to bring my insurance business to him.’”

Helping Others

The unstoppable reflex to help others comes straight from his father and the people Sam was raised with. Many of our customers are people who are like him, a generation who learned bedrock values from those who lived their ideals and principles every day. Many of the families and businesses we deal with are in the same position his family was in, pulling themselves up one step at a time.

We cannot help but admire them because we know who they are, because they always put in a full day’s work. They always finish the job. They never take advantage of someone, especially if they are vulnerable. They are honest. Cueva Insurance gives our customers our best price and does not haggle. We are honest about what we can do for them and do not promise more than we can deliver. Our customers understand that Cueva Insurance is a business that has to make money, for us and our families. They do not expect, and would not accept charity. They want a good price, and they want to walk away knowing it is a good price.

Independent To Serve You Better

Cueva Insurance is not limited to only one carrier. As an Independent Broker, we’re able to choose from a wide variety of carriers and plans in order to offer our clients plans that fit them well.